How to Order

Please follow the ways to order a particular product or bulk products.

1. Choose any category.
2. Choose any item like BS1(Bed Sheet). if you want to see the product in zoom mode , Hover on “image”, it will automatically visible actually product.
3. Check the details and if you want to buy a product online, Please click on “add to cart” button.
4. Before you buy any product please Sign up yourself and follow the Check out process.
5. Please login to your account, and choose Step 1. Billing Details, Keep your existing details or your want to make a new one. Please fill up it and continue.
6. In Step 2. Shipping Details, is same as Billing Details.
7. Please continue with your in Step 3. Shipping method, verify your order and make confirmation.

Order For Bulk Product:

1. Please choose any category.
2. Note down product code of any item.
3. If you want to order bulk item or want to change the size, color of item, You may contact Pipili Applique using email directly at [email protected]

Or you can contact with below contact below our phone nos.

Place your orders with below address:

Pipili Applique
Pipili, Puri
Odisha, India
+91-9438363587, 9337891687